The Tech­nik­team has been an inte­gral part of the muse­um sin­ce 2007.  It began when a hand­ful of peop­le, who were inte­res­ted in agri­cul­tu­ral equip­ment, met to put an old Lanz Bull­dog and an old har­ves­ter-bin­der in action to har­vest grain. This was the start of the Tech­nik­team. After that, the team met to res­to­re his­to­ri­cal vehi­cles and equip­ment; nota­b­ly, a 1926 Lanz Bull­dog and a band saw from the 1940s.

In 2011 the Tech­nik­team held its first trac­tor meet with 25 his­to­ri­cal trac­tors. Just one year later the event drew 128 par­ti­ci­pants and in 2015 a total of 235 par­ti­ci­pants gathe­red at the trac­tor meet.

The­re are cur­r­ent­ly about 35 mem­bers in the Tech­nik­team; the youn­gest mem­ber is 17, the oldest is over 75 years old. The club mem­bers have beco­me good friends over the years.

The Hal­ler Löwen­braue­rei and the com­pa­ny Han­sel­mann spon­sor the Tech­nik­team. The Tech­nik­team spe­cia­li­zes in the his­to­ri­cal machine­ry dona­ted to the muse­um. In 2015 a Deutz trac­tor and a stan­ding motor were dona­ted to the muse­um. The­se pie­ces were res­to­red and will be pre­ser­ved by the muse­um – under no cir­cum­s­tan­ces will they be sold. The mem­bers of the Tech­nik­team are a lively lot and just enjoy their par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in muse­um work. Their mecha­ni­cal demons­tra­ti­ons help visi­tors under­stand the club mot­to, “bin ich ölig – bin ich fröh­lich” (if I’m gre­a­sy, then I’m happy).


Con­ta­ct: Tho­mas Burkhart

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