Welcome to the Hohenlohe Open Air Museum in Schwäbisch Hall-Wackershofen!

Take a step back in time and walk in the world of our foref­a­thers! Come to the Hohen­lo­he Open Air Muse­um to expe­ri­ence ever­y­day life befo­re the­re was electri­ci­ty, tele­pho­nes, com­pu­ters or TVs!

Loca­ted in the sce­nic expan­se of the Hohen­lo­he plain (Hohen­lo­he Ebe­ne), the muse­um is com­pri­sed of 70 care­ful­ly selec­ted his­to­ri­cal buil­dings from various vil­la­ges and towns all over the Fran­co­ni­an por­ti­on of Würt­tem­berg. Each buil­ding was pain­sta­kin­gly trans­por­ted to the muse­um site and fur­nis­hed with authen­tic peri­od pie­ces.  Among the buil­dings open to visi­tors are farm­houses, tra­des­men homes, work­shops, barns, mills, a cha­pel and a jailhouse.

During your visit you will have the chan­ce to see flower gar­dens, fruit and vege­ta­ble gar­dens, as well as many ani­mals that were once com­mon fea­tures in vil­la­ge life.

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